Thursday, 23 June 2011

Happy Holiday

Off on holiday for 2 weeks.
Here's the always great Pans People with a 1973 classic to keep things going.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Arrows: Touch Too Much (a-side)

‘Touch Too Much’ is a 1974 top 10 UK hit by the Arrows.

The song was composed by Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn, and according to the ‘Songfacts’ website, the song was turned down by David Cassidy, Suzi Quatro and The Sweet.

The recording was produced by Mickie Most and released on RAK Records.
The Arrows: Touch Too Much

Friday, 17 June 2011

Mott the Hoople: One of the Boys (b-side)

"know that I grow my hair just to scare my teacher". B-side to 'All the Young Dudes' released in 1972.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Bay City Rollers: Give a Little Love (a-side), Kenny: Fancy Pants (a-side)

Some songs you love because they are simply great songs. Some songs you love because they say something to you personally, or evoke memories of happy times.

Some songs you love for no real reason. And some songs you love but (even under torture) wouldn't admit to liking.

These are the so called 'guilty pleasures'. A whole industry has sprung up around this from compilation CD's to night clubs.

Here are two glam guilty pleasures of mine. But don't tell anyone.

Give a Little Love is a UK #1 by the Bay City Rollers from 1975.

Fancy Pants is a 1975 single by Kenny.

Bay City Rollers: Give a Little Love
Kenny: Fancy Pants

Monday, 6 June 2011

Life After Glam (part 2)

Roy Wood & Wizzard: Indiana Rainbow (a-side) released in 1976 this did not chart, a sign of things to come for ex glam rock artists.

Suzi Quatro: She's In Love With You (a-side) released in 1978 this ChinniChap song reached #11 but was her last big hit.

Mud: L, L, Lucy (a-side) released in 1975, reaching #10. Mud had a few more moderate hits, but then they too slipped into semi obscurity.

Roy Wood: Indiana Rainbow
Mud: L L Lucy

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Life After Glam (part 1)

So with the glam rock years slowly fading into memory - what music was produced by some of its guiding lights?

Slade: Nobody's Fool (a-side) released in 1976 - This song did not chart at all even in the UK, the first Slade song to do so. In fact they didn't have another top 40 hit until 1981.

Sweet: Stairway to the Stars (a-side) released in 1977 - As with Slade this song did not chart in the UK. They would only have one other major hit with Love is Like Oxygen in 1978.

T Rex: Dandy in the Underworld (a-side) released in 1977 - This also didn't chart. For Marc Bolan and T Rex it was a case of diminishing returns as far as chart action was concerned.

I guess the time for the big glam acts to have major hits was over. But I can't help thinking that had the above songs been released in 73 or 74 they would have been top 10.

Slade: Nobody's Fool
T.Rex: Dandy in the Underworld