Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Osmonds - Crazy Horses (a-side)

During the early 70’s many artists climbed upon the glam rock wagon, by either releasing songs that were written or performed by glam rock artists or deciding to appropriate the glam style for a song or two.

The Osmonds are not glam artists by any stretch of the imagination, but like the Bay City Rollers they seem to have been thrown into the mix.

But one Osmond song sprang out from the MOR, ballad style they favoured, to be a true glam rock anthem.
Crazy Horses is a diamond in the rough. If another more ‘respected’ or ‘authentic’ artiste had written and performed the song it would be seen as a rock classic. The classic keyboard/synth intro and guitar riff are as distinctive as anything by the rock fraternity.

Who else would write a song about the amount of air pollution caused by the automobile? (The Crazy Horses of the song) Remember this is before the environment became the big issue that it is today. Crazy Horses was a 1972 hit reaching number 2 in the UK top 40.