Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Dib Cochran & the Earwigs: Oh Baby (a-side)

Marc Bolan much like Bowie with his ‘Arnold Corns’ pseudonym, also released records under another name.

Dib Cochran & the Earwigs was a band consisting of Marc Bolan on guitar and backing vocals, Tony Visconti on bass, lead vocals and production, Rick Wakeman on piano and John Cambridge on drums.

Both songs on the 1970 single release were written by Marc Bolan. The A side was a song called “Oh Baby” while the B side was an instrumental called “Universal Love”. The songs, as with Bowie’s 45’s with Arnold Corns, were a flop when released.

At the time, Bolan was yet to gain big success with T Rex. “Ride a White Swan” had yet to be released. It is seen as a transition from his ‘hippie’ period to his more recognisable ‘Electric Warrior’ sound.