Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A while back TV station Channel 4 in the UK ran a ‘Glam Top Ten’ show that went through the top ten glam acts based on chart position/performance. They used a points system to score each acts chart performance during the glam rock years.

I couldn’t find a link either to the program or the results, so I thought I would compile my own chart to show (in this case) the top thirteen glam acts based on points awarded for chart positions in the UK.

I can’t remember what system the makers of the program used so I made up my own. So for what it’s worth the straight forward and (some might say) simplistic points system is:

10 points are awarded for a #1 record, 9pts for #2, 8 pts for #3 and so on to 1 pt for a #10 song. To make it more accurate and representative I then divided the score by the number of singles each act released in the period as this gives a more accurate score.

To keep it simple I am only using top 10 chart hits from the period Jan 71 to Dec 75. A lot of the acts had other hits outside the top ten, but I thought it would be easier to stick with this rule.

Anyway in case you’re interested the results are as follows:

So the award for best chart action goes to the "Beatles of Glam"Slade.

No great surprise there then they did have six #1’s, and it pretty much follows the list on the TV show, although they did include such non-glam acts as the Bay City Rollers and Elton John. Yes I know not every glam act has been included here, but there you go.

Pointless Fact #209: Bowie would have polled slightly higher, but he is the only act in the top nine not to have scored a #1 during the period used. I didn’t include the re-released Space Oddity which was #1 in the UK in Nov 1975.