Friday, 11 December 2009

Cuddly Toys: Madman (cover version)

was originally one of two songs written by David Bowie and Marc Bolan in September 1977. The other being "Sitting Next to You".

The original plan was to play these on Bolan's TV show "Marc" on which Bowie was a guest on the last show of the series.
However filming of the show had over-run, and they were only half a minute into the first song when Marc fell off the stage and technicians on a work-to-rule overtime ban stopped filming. Only a week later Bolan was dead, so any more collaborations were not to be.

The originals of Madman and Sitting Next To You have appeared on various bad quality bootlegs over the years.

It's said that Marc had given a tape of Madman to some fans, and the song first saw the light of day as this Cuddly Toys single in 1980. The Cuddly Toys started out as punk band "The Raped". Having little success they changed their name, sound, and image and became The Cuddly Toys.

The song reached #19 in the UK Indie Chart.