Friday, 23 October 2009

Roxy Music: Pyjamarama (a-side)

Roxy Music are an English group formed during the early 1970s by art school graduate Bryan Ferry. They are seen as one of the guiding lights of the glam period, and along with David Bowie one of its most influential.

The other members were Phil Manzanera (guitars), Andy Mackay (saxophone and oboe), Paul Thompson (drums and percussion) and Brian Eno (synthesizer and "treatments").

Brian Eno left Roxy after two albums to go solo, but would re-surface some years later to help David Bowie with his 'Berlin' trilogy of albums.

Their debut single was "Virginia Plain", which reached #4 in the British charts. The band's eclectic and colourful visual image, became one of the defining images for the glam genre in the UK. "Virginia PLain" was a stand alone single and not placed on any album, as was the follow up "Pyjamarama" released in march 1973, a #10 in the UK charts.

Pyjamarama is often over-looked when assessing the music of the band, but it is a great piece of melodic and rhythmic songwriting, with an instant and distinctive guitar chord intro.